1983 - 1989 PORSCHE 944 (8 valve) Engine Rebuild $4,200

The price to R&R (Remove & Reinstall) and tune is $1,200

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      Includes the following Labor:  



      Includes the following OEM Parts:


      Parts to be at an additional cost if needed:


      Recommended "Race" modifications for Race Cars:

          (The items listed below are for bearing life and durability, and do not offer any "real" performance gain) 



All engines are built to "show car" standards!


Many of the engines we rebuild are shipped to us, so we have a separate price to R&R (remove and

 reinstall) and tune. This price also includes some extra parts such as- Motor oil, air filter, fuel filter, P.S.

 fluid, coolant, upper and lower coolant hoses, etc. 




All Parts are Factory Original unless otherwise stated.


Typical turn-a-round time is 3 weeks.